Copper Lamp Making

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 Copper Lamp Making

There are several kinds of beautiful wall lamp, an ancient motif, Islam, or animals. In order to serve our company well in this craft arts crafts copper, brass, or aluminum.
Copper Lamp Making
Supplier of copper sinks with quality Indoetnix Gallery serves the manufacture of copper lamps, with various types of models and sizes, akmi products include copper wall lamp, chandelier copper, copper standing lamp, light minimalist copper, copper and other table lamp as nya.Di in 2011 and beginning of 2012 was dominated copper lamp products orders gallery Indoetnix nearly 70 percent of the total order is the manufacture of the lamp with the main material is copper.
In the Early Years Gallery 2012 is Indoetnix just installing lights for the hall on the street Brawijaya new Kebayoran south Jakarta, which is copper lighting installation for the meetinghouse. The copper lamp was an icon of the master of the interior design of the hall, the size of a giant light fitting installed in the center of the building pertemuam the middle, it's amazing it later if the building is in use in weddings, gathing ataun it was another ceremonial , then the audience in the building will be sure to look takjud the copper lamp.
Copper lamp design is a blend of design and design klsik tionghoa Europe which are applied in her craft copper lamp, that the special design of lights celebrated in jakarta.Dengan archtect dragons and lotus flower motif on the body showed valor and ketegasana light emitted from the the dragon's eyes and in Balance with the luwesan and to the impressive beauty of the lotus flower remedy of lighting is very bright impression of the beauty and the robustness seen in the reflection of acrylic media and to the grace of copper.

only in the gallery indoetnix.

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